Function makeAssetDestroyTxnWithSuggestedParams

  • makeAssetDestroyTxnWithSuggestedParams will allow the asset's manager to remove this asset from the ledger, so long as all outstanding assets are held by the creator.


    • from: string

      string representation of Algorand address of sender

    • note: Uint8Array

      uint8array of arbitrary data for sender to store

    • assetIndex: number

      int asset index uniquely specifying the asset

    • suggestedParams: SuggestedParams

      a dict holding common-to-all-txns args: fee - integer fee per byte, in microAlgos. for a flat fee, set flatFee to true flatFee - bool optionally set this to true to specify fee as microalgos-per-txn If true, txn fee may fall below the ALGORAND_MIN_TX_FEE firstRound - integer first protocol round on which this txn is valid lastRound - integer last protocol round on which this txn is valid genesisHash - string specifies hash genesis block of network in use genesisID - string specifies genesis ID of network in use

    • Optional rekeyTo: string

      rekeyTo address, optional

    Returns Transaction

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