Function signTransaction

  • signTransaction takes an object with either payment or key registration fields and a secret key and returns a signed blob.

    Payment transaction fields: from, to, amount, fee, firstRound, lastRound, genesisHash, note(optional), GenesisID(optional), closeRemainderTo(optional)

    Key registration fields: fee, firstRound, lastRound, voteKey, selectionKey, voteFirst, voteLast, voteKeyDilution, genesisHash, note(optional), GenesisID(optional)

    If flatFee is not set and the final calculated fee is lower than the protocol minimum fee, the fee will be increased to match the minimum.


    object contains the binary signed transaction and its txID


    • txn: TransactionLike

      object with either payment or key registration fields

    • sk: Uint8Array

      Algorand Secret Key

    Returns { blob: Uint8Array; txID: string }

    • blob: Uint8Array
    • txID: string

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