Interface BaseHTTPClient

BaseHTTPClient is an interface abstracting the queries that can be made to an algod/indexer endpoint. The SDK normally uses the URLTokenBaseHTTPClient implementation. But when used via wallets, the wallet may provide a different object satisfying the HTTPClient interface. This is useful to allow wallets to provide access to paid API services without leaking the secret tokens/URLs.

Note that post and delete also have an optional query parameter This is to allow future extension where post and delete may have queries Currently however HTTPClient does not make use of it

Compared to HTTPClient, BaseHTTPClient does not deal with serialization/deserialization Everything is already string/Uint8Array and all the headers (including Accept/Content-Type) are assumed to be provided

In case of non-200 status, all methods must throw an error of type BaseHTTPClientError


  • BaseHTTPClient



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