Class Block

  • public class Block
    extends PathResponse
    Block information. Definition: data/bookkeeping/block.go : Block
    • Field Detail

      • genesisHash

        public byte[] genesisHash
      • genesisId

        public String genesisId
        (gen) ID to which this block belongs.
      • participationUpdates

        public ParticipationUpdates participationUpdates
        Participation account data that needs to be checked/acted on by the network.
      • previousBlockHash

        public byte[] previousBlockHash
      • rewards

        public BlockRewards rewards
        Fields relating to rewards,
      • round

        public Long round
        (rnd) Current round on which this block was appended to the chain.
      • seed

        public byte[] seed
      • timestamp

        public Long timestamp
        (ts) Block creation timestamp in seconds since eposh
      • transactions

        public List<Transaction> transactions
        (txns) list of transactions corresponding to a given round.
      • transactionsRoot

        public byte[] transactionsRoot
      • transactionsRootSha256

        public byte[] transactionsRootSha256
      • txnCounter

        public Long txnCounter
        (tc) TxnCounter counts the number of transactions committed in the ledger, from the time at which support for this feature was introduced. Specifically, TxnCounter is the number of the next transaction that will be committed after this block. It is 0 when no transactions have ever been committed (since TxnCounter started being supported).
      • upgradeState

        public BlockUpgradeState upgradeState
        Fields relating to a protocol upgrade.
      • upgradeVote

        public BlockUpgradeVote upgradeVote
        Fields relating to voting for a protocol upgrade.
    • Constructor Detail

      • Block

        public Block()
    • Method Detail

      • genesisHash

        public void genesisHash​(String base64Encoded)
        (gh) hash to which this block belongs.
      • genesisHash

        public String genesisHash()
      • previousBlockHash

        public void previousBlockHash​(String base64Encoded)
        (prev) Previous block hash.
      • previousBlockHash

        public String previousBlockHash()
      • seed

        public void seed​(String base64Encoded)
        (seed) Sortition seed.
      • transactionsRoot

        public void transactionsRoot​(String base64Encoded)
        (txn) TransactionsRoot authenticates the set of transactions appearing in the block. More specifically, it's the root of a merkle tree whose leaves are the block's Txids, in lexicographic order. For the empty block, it's 0. Note that the TxnRoot does not authenticate the signatures on the transactions, only the transactions themselves. Two blocks with the same transactions but in a different order and with different signatures will have the same TxnRoot.
      • transactionsRoot

        public String transactionsRoot()
      • transactionsRootSha256

        public void transactionsRootSha256​(String base64Encoded)
        (txn256) TransactionsRootSHA256 is an auxiliary TransactionRoot, built using a vector commitment instead of a merkle tree, and SHA256 hash function instead of the default SHA512_256. This commitment can be used on environments where only the SHA256 function exists.
      • transactionsRootSha256

        public String transactionsRootSha256()