Class BlockUpgradeState

  • public class BlockUpgradeState
    extends PathResponse
    Fields relating to a protocol upgrade.
    • Field Detail

      • currentProtocol

        public String currentProtocol
        (proto) The current protocol version.
      • nextProtocol

        public String nextProtocol
        (nextproto) The next proposed protocol version.
      • nextProtocolApprovals

        public Long nextProtocolApprovals
        (nextyes) Number of blocks which approved the protocol upgrade.
      • nextProtocolSwitchOn

        public Long nextProtocolSwitchOn
        (nextswitch) Round on which the protocol upgrade will take effect.
      • nextProtocolVoteBefore

        public Long nextProtocolVoteBefore
        (nextbefore) Deadline round for this protocol upgrade (No votes will be consider after this round).
    • Constructor Detail

      • BlockUpgradeState

        public BlockUpgradeState()