Class Transaction


public class Transaction
extends PathResponse
Contains all fields common to all transactions and serves as an envelope to all transactions type. Represents both regular and inner transactions. Definition: data/transactions/signedtxn.go : SignedTxn data/transactions/transaction.go : Transaction
  • Field Details

    • applicationTransaction

      public TransactionApplication applicationTransaction
      Fields for application transactions. Definition: data/transactions/application.go : ApplicationCallTxnFields
    • assetConfigTransaction

      public TransactionAssetConfig assetConfigTransaction
      Fields for asset allocation, re-configuration, and destruction. A zero value for asset-id indicates asset creation. A zero value for the params indicates asset destruction. Definition: data/transactions/asset.go : AssetConfigTxnFields
    • assetFreezeTransaction

      public TransactionAssetFreeze assetFreezeTransaction
      Fields for an asset freeze transaction. Definition: data/transactions/asset.go : AssetFreezeTxnFields
    • assetTransferTransaction

      public TransactionAssetTransfer assetTransferTransaction
      Fields for an asset transfer transaction. Definition: data/transactions/asset.go : AssetTransferTxnFields
    • authAddr

      public Address authAddr
    • closeRewards

      public java.lang.Long closeRewards
      (rc) rewards applied to close-remainder-to account.
    • closingAmount

      public java.lang.Long closingAmount
      (ca) closing amount for transaction.
    • confirmedRound

      public java.lang.Long confirmedRound
      Round when the transaction was confirmed.
    • createdApplicationIndex

      public java.lang.Long createdApplicationIndex
      Specifies an application index (ID) if an application was created with this transaction.
    • createdAssetIndex

      public java.lang.Long createdAssetIndex
      Specifies an asset index (ID) if an asset was created with this transaction.
    • fee

      public java.lang.Long fee
      (fee) Transaction fee.
    • firstValid

      public java.lang.Long firstValid
      (fv) First valid round for this transaction.
    • genesisHash

      public byte[] genesisHash
    • genesisId

      public java.lang.String genesisId
      (gen) genesis block ID.
    • globalStateDelta

      public java.util.List<EvalDeltaKeyValue> globalStateDelta
      (gd) Global state key/value changes for the application being executed by this transaction.
    • group

      public byte[] group
    • id

      public java.lang.String id
      Transaction ID
    • innerTxns

      public java.util.List<Transaction> innerTxns
      Inner transactions produced by application execution.
    • intraRoundOffset

      public java.lang.Long intraRoundOffset
      Offset into the round where this transaction was confirmed.
    • keyregTransaction

      public TransactionKeyreg keyregTransaction
      Fields for a keyreg transaction. Definition: data/transactions/keyreg.go : KeyregTxnFields
    • lastValid

      public java.lang.Long lastValid
      (lv) Last valid round for this transaction.
    • lease

      public byte[] lease
    • localStateDelta

      public java.util.List<AccountStateDelta> localStateDelta
      (ld) Local state key/value changes for the application being executed by this transaction.
    • logs

      public java.util.List<byte[]> logs
      (lg) Logs for the application being executed by this transaction.
    • note

      public byte[] note
    • paymentTransaction

      public TransactionPayment paymentTransaction
      Fields for a payment transaction. Definition: data/transactions/payment.go : PaymentTxnFields
    • receiverRewards

      public java.lang.Long receiverRewards
      (rr) rewards applied to receiver account.
    • rekeyTo

      public Address rekeyTo
    • roundTime

      public java.lang.Long roundTime
      Time when the block this transaction is in was confirmed.
    • sender

      public java.lang.String sender
      (snd) Sender's address.
    • senderRewards

      public java.lang.Long senderRewards
      (rs) rewards applied to sender account.
    • signature

      public TransactionSignature signature
      Validation signature associated with some data. Only one of the signatures should be provided.
    • stateProofTransaction

      public TransactionStateProof stateProofTransaction
      Fields for a state proof transaction. Definition: data/transactions/stateproof.go : StateProofTxnFields
    • txType

      public Enums.TxType txType
      (type) Indicates what type of transaction this is. Different types have different fields. Valid types, and where their fields are stored: (pay) payment-transaction (keyreg) keyreg-transaction (acfg) asset-config-transaction (axfer) asset-transfer-transaction (afrz) asset-freeze-transaction (appl) application-transaction (stpf) state-proof-transaction
  • Constructor Details

    • Transaction

      public Transaction()
  • Method Details

    • authAddr

      public void authAddr​(java.lang.String authAddr) throws
      (sgnr) this is included with signed transactions when the signing address does not equal the sender. The backend can use this to ensure that auth addr is equal to the accounts auth addr.
    • authAddr

      public java.lang.String authAddr() throws
    • genesisHash

      public void genesisHash​(java.lang.String base64Encoded)
      (gh) Hash of genesis block.
    • genesisHash

      public java.lang.String genesisHash()
    • group

      public void group​(java.lang.String base64Encoded)
      (grp) Base64 encoded byte array of a sha512/256 digest. When present indicates that this transaction is part of a transaction group and the value is the sha512/256 hash of the transactions in that group.
    • group

      public java.lang.String group()
    • lease

      public void lease​(java.lang.String base64Encoded)
      (lx) Base64 encoded 32-byte array. Lease enforces mutual exclusion of transactions. If this field is nonzero, then once the transaction is confirmed, it acquires the lease identified by the (Sender, Lease) pair of the transaction until the LastValid round passes. While this transaction possesses the lease, no other transaction specifying this lease can be confirmed.
    • lease

      public java.lang.String lease()
    • logs

      public void logs​(java.util.List<java.lang.String> base64Encoded)
    • logs

      public java.util.List<java.lang.String> logs()
    • note

      public void note​(java.lang.String base64Encoded)
      (note) Free form data.
    • note

      public java.lang.String note()
    • rekeyTo

      public void rekeyTo​(java.lang.String rekeyTo) throws
      (rekey) when included in a valid transaction, the accounts auth addr will be updated with this value and future signatures must be signed with the key represented by this address.
    • rekeyTo

      public java.lang.String rekeyTo() throws
    • equals

      public boolean equals​(java.lang.Object o)
      equals in class java.lang.Object