Class TransactionAssetTransfer

  • public class TransactionAssetTransfer
    extends PathResponse
    Fields for an asset transfer transaction. Definition: data/transactions/asset.go : AssetTransferTxnFields
    • Field Detail

      • amount

        public BigInteger amount
        (aamt) Amount of asset to transfer. A zero amount transferred to self allocates that asset in the account's Assets map.
      • assetId

        public Long assetId
        (xaid) ID of the asset being transferred.
      • closeAmount

        public BigInteger closeAmount
        Number of assets transferred to the close-to account as part of the transaction.
      • closeTo

        public String closeTo
        (aclose) Indicates that the asset should be removed from the account's Assets map, and specifies where the remaining asset holdings should be transferred. It's always valid to transfer remaining asset holdings to the creator account.
      • receiver

        public String receiver
        (arcv) Recipient address of the transfer.
      • sender

        public String sender
        (asnd) The effective sender during a clawback transactions. If this is not a zero value, the real transaction sender must be the Clawback address from the AssetParams.
    • Constructor Detail

      • TransactionAssetTransfer

        public TransactionAssetTransfer()