Class SimulationTransactionExecTrace

  • public class SimulationTransactionExecTrace
    extends PathResponse
    The execution trace of calling an app or a logic sig, containing the inner app call trace in a recursive way.
    • Field Detail

      • approvalProgramHash

        public byte[] approvalProgramHash
      • approvalProgramTrace

        public List<SimulationOpcodeTraceUnit> approvalProgramTrace
        Program trace that contains a trace of opcode effects in an approval program.
      • clearStateProgramHash

        public byte[] clearStateProgramHash
      • clearStateProgramTrace

        public List<SimulationOpcodeTraceUnit> clearStateProgramTrace
        Program trace that contains a trace of opcode effects in a clear state program.
      • innerTrace

        public List<SimulationTransactionExecTrace> innerTrace
        An array of SimulationTransactionExecTrace representing the execution trace of any inner transactions executed.
      • logicSigHash

        public byte[] logicSigHash
    • Constructor Detail

      • SimulationTransactionExecTrace

        public SimulationTransactionExecTrace()
    • Method Detail

      • approvalProgramHash

        public void approvalProgramHash​(String base64Encoded)
        SHA512_256 hash digest of the approval program executed in transaction.
      • approvalProgramHash

        public String approvalProgramHash()
      • clearStateProgramHash

        public void clearStateProgramHash​(String base64Encoded)
        SHA512_256 hash digest of the clear state program executed in transaction.
      • clearStateProgramHash

        public String clearStateProgramHash()
      • logicSigHash

        public void logicSigHash​(String base64Encoded)
        SHA512_256 hash digest of the logic sig executed in transaction.
      • logicSigHash

        public String logicSigHash()