Class SimulationOpcodeTraceUnit

  • public class SimulationOpcodeTraceUnit
    extends PathResponse
    The set of trace information and effect from evaluating a single opcode.
    • Field Detail

      • pc

        public Long pc
        The program counter of the current opcode being evaluated.
      • scratchChanges

        public List<ScratchChange> scratchChanges
        The writes into scratch slots.
      • spawnedInners

        public List<Long> spawnedInners
        The indexes of the traces for inner transactions spawned by this opcode, if any.
      • stackAdditions

        public List<AvmValue> stackAdditions
        The values added by this opcode to the stack.
      • stackPopCount

        public Long stackPopCount
        The number of deleted stack values by this opcode.
    • Constructor Detail

      • SimulationOpcodeTraceUnit

        public SimulationOpcodeTraceUnit()