Class SimulateResponse

  • public class SimulateResponse
    extends PathResponse
    Result of a transaction group simulation.
    • Field Detail

      • evalOverrides

        public SimulationEvalOverrides evalOverrides
        The set of parameters and limits override during simulation. If this set of parameters is present, then evaluation parameters may differ from standard evaluation in certain ways.
      • execTraceConfig

        public SimulateTraceConfig execTraceConfig
        An object that configures simulation execution trace.
      • initialStates

        public SimulateInitialStates initialStates
        Initial states of resources that were accessed during simulation.
      • lastRound

        public Long lastRound
        The round immediately preceding this simulation. State changes through this round were used to run this simulation.
      • version

        public Long version
        The version of this response object.
    • Constructor Detail

      • SimulateResponse

        public SimulateResponse()