Class SimulateTransactionGroupResult

  • public class SimulateTransactionGroupResult
    extends PathResponse
    Simulation result for an atomic transaction group
    • Field Detail

      • appBudgetAdded

        public Long appBudgetAdded
        Total budget added during execution of app calls in the transaction group.
      • appBudgetConsumed

        public Long appBudgetConsumed
        Total budget consumed during execution of app calls in the transaction group.
      • failedAt

        public List<Long> failedAt
        If present, indicates which transaction in this group caused the failure. This array represents the path to the failing transaction. Indexes are zero based, the first element indicates the top-level transaction, and successive elements indicate deeper inner transactions.
      • failureMessage

        public String failureMessage
        If present, indicates that the transaction group failed and specifies why that happened
      • unnamedResourcesAccessed

        public SimulateUnnamedResourcesAccessed unnamedResourcesAccessed
        These are resources that were accessed by this group that would normally have caused failure, but were allowed in simulation. Depending on where this object is in the response, the unnamed resources it contains may or may not qualify for group resource sharing. If this is a field in SimulateTransactionGroupResult, the resources do qualify, but if this is a field in SimulateTransactionResult, they do not qualify. In order to make this group valid for actual submission, resources that qualify for group sharing can be made available by any transaction of the group; otherwise, resources must be placed in the same transaction which accessed them.
    • Constructor Detail

      • SimulateTransactionGroupResult

        public SimulateTransactionGroupResult()