Class SimulationEvalOverrides

  • public class SimulationEvalOverrides
    extends PathResponse
    The set of parameters and limits override during simulation. If this set of parameters is present, then evaluation parameters may differ from standard evaluation in certain ways.
    • Field Detail

      • allowEmptySignatures

        public Boolean allowEmptySignatures
        If true, transactions without signatures are allowed and simulated as if they were properly signed.
      • allowUnnamedResources

        public Boolean allowUnnamedResources
        If true, allows access to unnamed resources during simulation.
      • extraOpcodeBudget

        public Long extraOpcodeBudget
        The extra opcode budget added to each transaction group during simulation
      • maxLogCalls

        public Long maxLogCalls
        The maximum log calls one can make during simulation
      • maxLogSize

        public Long maxLogSize
        The maximum byte number to log during simulation
    • Constructor Detail

      • SimulationEvalOverrides

        public SimulationEvalOverrides()