Class TransactionKeyreg

Fields for a keyreg transaction. Definition: data/transactions/keyreg.go : KeyregTxnFields



  • Creates a new TransactionKeyreg object.


    • __namedParameters: { nonParticipation?: boolean; selectionParticipationKey?: string | Uint8Array; stateProofKey?: string | Uint8Array; voteFirstValid?: number | bigint; voteKeyDilution?: number | bigint; voteLastValid?: number | bigint; voteParticipationKey?: string | Uint8Array }
      • Optional nonParticipation?: boolean
      • Optional selectionParticipationKey?: string | Uint8Array
      • Optional stateProofKey?: string | Uint8Array
      • Optional voteFirstValid?: number | bigint
      • Optional voteKeyDilution?: number | bigint
      • Optional voteLastValid?: number | bigint
      • Optional voteParticipationKey?: string | Uint8Array

    Returns TransactionKeyreg


attribute_map: Record<string, string>
nonParticipation?: boolean

(nonpart) Mark the account as participating or non-participating.

selectionParticipationKey?: Uint8Array

(selkey) Public key used with the Verified Random Function (VRF) result during committee selection.

stateProofKey?: Uint8Array

(sprfkey) State proof key used in key registration transactions.

voteFirstValid?: number | bigint

(votefst) First round this participation key is valid.

voteKeyDilution?: number | bigint

(votekd) Number of subkeys in each batch of participation keys.

voteLastValid?: number | bigint

(votelst) Last round this participation key is valid.

voteParticipationKey?: Uint8Array

(votekey) Participation public key used in key registration transactions.


  • Get an object ready for encoding to either JSON or msgpack.


    • binary: boolean = false

      Use true to indicate that the encoding can handle raw binary objects (Uint8Arrays). Use false to indicate that raw binary objects should be converted to base64 strings. True should be used for objects that will be encoded with msgpack, and false should be used for objects that will be encoded with JSON.

    Returns Record<string, any>

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