Class StateProofTracking



  • Creates a new StateProofTracking object.


    • __namedParameters: { nextRound?: number | bigint; onlineTotalWeight?: number | bigint; type?: number | bigint; votersCommitment?: string | Uint8Array }
      • Optional nextRound?: number | bigint
      • Optional onlineTotalWeight?: number | bigint
      • Optional type?: number | bigint
      • Optional votersCommitment?: string | Uint8Array

    Returns StateProofTracking


attribute_map: Record<string, string>
nextRound?: number | bigint

(n) Next round for which we will accept a state proof transaction.

onlineTotalWeight?: number | bigint

(t) The total number of microalgos held by the online accounts during the StateProof round.

type?: number | bigint

State Proof Type. Note the raw object uses map with this as key.

votersCommitment?: Uint8Array

(v) Root of a vector commitment containing online accounts that will help sign the proof.


  • Get an object ready for encoding to either JSON or msgpack.


    • binary: boolean = false

      Use true to indicate that the encoding can handle raw binary objects (Uint8Arrays). Use false to indicate that raw binary objects should be converted to base64 strings. True should be used for objects that will be encoded with msgpack, and false should be used for objects that will be encoded with JSON.

    Returns Record<string, any>

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