Class IndexerStateProofMessage



  • Creates a new IndexerStateProofMessage object.


    • __namedParameters: { blockHeadersCommitment?: string | Uint8Array; firstAttestedRound?: number | bigint; latestAttestedRound?: number | bigint; lnProvenWeight?: number | bigint; votersCommitment?: string | Uint8Array }
      • Optional blockHeadersCommitment?: string | Uint8Array
      • Optional firstAttestedRound?: number | bigint
      • Optional latestAttestedRound?: number | bigint
      • Optional lnProvenWeight?: number | bigint
      • Optional votersCommitment?: string | Uint8Array

    Returns IndexerStateProofMessage


attribute_map: Record<string, string>
blockHeadersCommitment?: Uint8Array


firstAttestedRound?: number | bigint


latestAttestedRound?: number | bigint


lnProvenWeight?: number | bigint


votersCommitment?: Uint8Array



  • Get an object ready for encoding to either JSON or msgpack.


    • binary: boolean = false

      Use true to indicate that the encoding can handle raw binary objects (Uint8Arrays). Use false to indicate that raw binary objects should be converted to base64 strings. True should be used for objects that will be encoded with msgpack, and false should be used for objects that will be encoded with JSON.

    Returns Record<string, any>

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