Class TransactionProofResponse

  • public class TransactionProofResponse
    extends PathResponse
    Proof of transaction in a block.
    • Field Detail

      • hashtype

        public Enums.Hashtype hashtype
        The type of hash function used to create the proof, must be one of: sha512_256 sha256
      • idx

        public Long idx
        Index of the transaction in the block's payset.
      • proof

        public byte[] proof
      • stibhash

        public byte[] stibhash
      • treedepth

        public Long treedepth
        Represents the depth of the tree that is being proven, i.e. the number of edges from a leaf to the root.
    • Constructor Detail

      • TransactionProofResponse

        public TransactionProofResponse()
    • Method Detail

      • proof

        public void proof​(String base64Encoded)
        Proof of transaction membership.
      • proof

        public String proof()
      • stibhash

        public void stibhash​(String base64Encoded)
        Hash of SignedTxnInBlock for verifying proof.
      • stibhash

        public String stibhash()