Class TransactionParametersResponse

  • public class TransactionParametersResponse
    extends PathResponse
    TransactionParams contains the parameters that help a client construct a new transaction.
    • Field Detail

      • consensusVersion

        public String consensusVersion
        ConsensusVersion indicates the consensus protocol version as of LastRound.
      • fee

        public Long fee
        Fee is the suggested transaction fee Fee is in units of micro-Algos per byte. Fee may fall to zero but transactions must still have a fee of at least MinTxnFee for the current network protocol.
      • genesisHash

        public byte[] genesisHash
      • genesisId

        public String genesisId
        GenesisID is an ID listed in the genesis block.
      • lastRound

        public Long lastRound
        LastRound indicates the last round seen
      • minFee

        public Long minFee
        The minimum transaction fee (not per byte) required for the txn to validate for the current network protocol.
    • Constructor Detail

      • TransactionParametersResponse

        public TransactionParametersResponse()
    • Method Detail

      • genesisHash

        public void genesisHash​(String base64Encoded)
        GenesisHash is the hash of the genesis block.
      • genesisHash

        public String genesisHash()