Class StateProofMessage

  • public class StateProofMessage
    extends PathResponse
    Represents the message that the state proofs are attesting to.
    • Field Detail

      • blockHeadersCommitment

        public byte[] blockHeadersCommitment
      • firstAttestedRound

        public BigInteger firstAttestedRound
        The first round the message attests to.
      • lastAttestedRound

        public BigInteger lastAttestedRound
        The last round the message attests to.
      • lnProvenWeight

        public BigInteger lnProvenWeight
        An integer value representing the natural log of the proven weight with 16 bits of precision. This value would be used to verify the next state proof.
      • votersCommitment

        public byte[] votersCommitment
    • Constructor Detail

      • StateProofMessage

        public StateProofMessage()
    • Method Detail

      • blockHeadersCommitment

        public void blockHeadersCommitment​(String base64Encoded)
        The vector commitment root on all light block headers within a state proof interval.
      • blockHeadersCommitment

        public String blockHeadersCommitment()
      • votersCommitment

        public void votersCommitment​(String base64Encoded)
        The vector commitment root of the top N accounts to sign the next StateProof.
      • votersCommitment

        public String votersCommitment()