Class StateProofFields

  • public class StateProofFields
    extends PathResponse
    (sp) represents a state proof. Definition: crypto/stateproof/structs.go : StateProof
    • Field Detail

      • positionsToReveal

        public List<BigInteger> positionsToReveal
        (pr) Sequence of reveal positions.
      • reveals

        public List<StateProofReveal> reveals
        (r) Note that this is actually stored as a map[uint64] - Reveal in the actual msgp
      • saltVersion

        public Long saltVersion
        (v) Salt version of the merkle signature.
      • sigCommit

        public byte[] sigCommit
      • signedWeight

        public BigInteger signedWeight
    • Constructor Detail

      • StateProofFields

        public StateProofFields()
    • Method Detail

      • sigCommit

        public void sigCommit​(String base64Encoded)
      • sigCommit

        public String sigCommit()