Class SimulateRequest

  • public class SimulateRequest
    extends PathResponse
    Request type for simulation endpoint.
    • Field Detail

      • allowEmptySignatures

        public Boolean allowEmptySignatures
        Allows transactions without signatures to be simulated as if they had correct signatures.
      • allowMoreLogging

        public Boolean allowMoreLogging
        Lifts limits on log opcode usage during simulation.
      • allowUnnamedResources

        public Boolean allowUnnamedResources
        Allows access to unnamed resources during simulation.
      • execTraceConfig

        public SimulateTraceConfig execTraceConfig
        An object that configures simulation execution trace.
      • extraOpcodeBudget

        public Long extraOpcodeBudget
        Applies extra opcode budget during simulation for each transaction group.
      • round

        public Long round
        If provided, specifies the round preceding the simulation. State changes through this round will be used to run this simulation. Usually only the 4 most recent rounds will be available (controlled by the node config value MaxAcctLookback). If not specified, defaults to the latest available round.
    • Constructor Detail

      • SimulateRequest

        public SimulateRequest()