public class Enums
extends java.lang.Object
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    static class  Enums.AddressRole
    Combine with the address parameter to define what type of address to search for.
    static class  Enums.Exclude
    Exclude additional items such as asset holdings, application local data stored for this account, asset parameters created by this account, and application parameters created by this account.
    static class  Enums.Hashtype
    The type of hash function used to create the proof, must be one of: sha512_256 sha256
    static class  Enums.OnCompletion
    (apan) defines the what additional actions occur with the transaction.
    static class  Enums.SigType
    Indicates what type of signature is used by this account, must be one of: sig msig lsig or null if unknown
    static class  Enums.TxType
    (type) Indicates what type of transaction this is.
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    • Enums

      public Enums()