Class DryrunTxnResult

  • public class DryrunTxnResult
    extends PathResponse
    DryrunTxnResult contains any LogicSig or ApplicationCall program debug information and state updates from a dryrun.
    • Field Detail

      • appCallMessages

        public List<String> appCallMessages
      • budgetAdded

        public Long budgetAdded
        Budget added during execution of app call transaction.
      • budgetConsumed

        public Long budgetConsumed
        Budget consumed during execution of app call transaction.
      • disassembly

        public List<String> disassembly
        Disassembled program line by line.
      • logicSigDisassembly

        public List<String> logicSigDisassembly
        Disassembled lsig program line by line.
      • logicSigMessages

        public List<String> logicSigMessages
      • logs

        public List<byte[]> logs
    • Constructor Detail

      • DryrunTxnResult

        public DryrunTxnResult()