Class LookupAccountByID

  • public class LookupAccountByID
    extends Query
    Lookup account information. /v2/accounts/{account-id}
    • Constructor Detail

      • LookupAccountByID

        public LookupAccountByID​(Client client,
                                 Address accountId)
        accountId - account string
    • Method Detail

      • exclude

        public LookupAccountByID exclude​(List<Enums.Exclude> exclude)
        Exclude additional items such as asset holdings, application local data stored for this account, asset parameters created by this account, and application parameters created by this account.
      • includeAll

        public LookupAccountByID includeAll​(Boolean includeAll)
        Include all items including closed accounts, deleted applications, destroyed assets, opted-out asset holdings, and closed-out application localstates.
      • execute

        public Response<AccountResponse> execute​(String[] headers,
                                                 String[] values)
                                          throws Exception
        Execute the query with custom headers, there must be an equal number of keys and values or else an error will be generated.
        Specified by:
        execute in class Query
        headers - an array of header keys
        values - an array of header values
        the query response object.