Class TealCompile

  • public class TealCompile
    extends Query
    Given TEAL source code in plain text, return base64 encoded program bytes and base32 SHA512_256 hash of program bytes (Address style). This endpoint is only enabled when a node's configuration file sets EnableDeveloperAPI to true. /v2/teal/compile
    • Constructor Detail

      • TealCompile

        public TealCompile​(Client client)
    • Method Detail

      • source

        public TealCompile source​(byte[] source)
        TEAL source code to be compiled
      • sourcemap

        public TealCompile sourcemap​(Boolean sourcemap)
        When set to `true`, returns the source map of the program as a JSON. Defaults to `false`.
      • execute

        public Response<CompileResponse> execute​(String[] headers,
                                                 String[] values)
                                          throws Exception
        Execute the query with custom headers, there must be an equal number of keys and values or else an error will be generated.
        Specified by:
        execute in class Query
        headers - an array of header keys
        values - an array of header values
        the query response object.