Interface TransactionStorageStructure

A modified version of the transaction params. Represents the internal structure that the Transaction class uses to store inputted transaction objects.


  • Omit<TransactionParams, "from" | "to" | "genesisHash" | "closeRemainderTo" | "voteKey" | "selectionKey" | "stateProofKey" | "assetManager" | "assetReserve" | "assetFreeze" | "assetClawback" | "assetRevocationTarget" | "freezeAccount" | "appAccounts" | "suggestedParams" | "reKeyTo">
    • TransactionStorageStructure

Implemented by


amount: number | bigint
appAccounts?: string[] | Address[]
appApprovalProgram: Uint8Array
appArgs?: Uint8Array[]
appClearProgram: Uint8Array
appForeignApps?: number[]
appForeignAssets?: number[]
appGlobalByteSlices: number
appGlobalInts: number
appIndex: number
appLocalByteSlices: number
appLocalInts: number
appOnComplete: OnApplicationComplete
assetClawback: string | Address
assetDecimals: number
assetDefaultFrozen: boolean
assetFreeze: string | Address
assetIndex: number
assetManager: string | Address
assetMetadataHash?: string | Uint8Array
assetName: string
assetReserve: string | Address
assetRevocationTarget?: string | Address
assetTotal: number | bigint
assetURL: string
assetUnitName: string
boxes?: BoxReference[]
closeRemainderTo?: string | Address
extraPages?: number
fee: number
firstRound: number
flatFee: boolean
freezeAccount: string | Address
freezeState: boolean
from: string | Address
genesisHash: string | Buffer
genesisID: string
group?: Buffer
lastRound: number
lease?: Uint8Array
nonParticipation?: boolean
note?: Uint8Array
reKeyTo?: string | Address
selectionKey: string | Buffer
stateProof?: Uint8Array
stateProofKey: string | Buffer
stateProofMessage?: Uint8Array
stateProofType?: number | bigint
to: string | Address
voteFirst: number
voteKey: string | Buffer
voteKeyDilution: number
voteLast: number

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