Interface BlockHeader

Represents the metadata and state of a block.

For more information, refer to:


  • BlockHeader


fees: string

Transaction fees

frac: number

The number of leftover MicroAlgos after rewards distribution

gen: string

Genesis ID to which this block belongs

gh: string

Genesis hash to which this block belongs.

prev: string

The hash of the previous block

proto: string

Current protocol

rate: number

Rewards rate

rnd: number

Round number

rwcalr: number

Rewards recalculation round

rwd: string

Rewards pool

seed: string

Sortition seed

spt: Map<number, Uint8Array>

StateProofTracking map of type to tracking data

ts: number

Timestamp in seconds since epoch

txn: string

Transaction root SHA512_256

txn256: string

Transaction root SHA256

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